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  1. We will Diagnose the Appliance and set the price (on the right you can read how that works)
  2. If customer agrees to fix the machine then we will proceed with the repair.
  3. Depending on the issue (cosmetic, hardware, maintanace etc.) if the appliance is in need of a part we will order it (this may take 3 to 5 business days) (note: if we can repair the appliance without any parts then we will repair the machine the same day)
  4. In the other hand as soon as the part arrives and reaches our part's department, we will schedule an appointment and proceed to repair the appliance
Diagnostic Information

Our Certified Technicans will diagnose the appliance to inform the customer of the problem with the unit. Additionally the visit fee for diagnostic is $85.00 which will go towards the labor. Customers should understand this does not cover parts or labor, and will not be refundable since this covers the techinian's trip, charges diagnosis, and parts research.

Note: the ammount of $85.00 dollars will apply towards the labor only if the customer proceeds with the repair.

Additional Fees/Information
  • Repairs with no Parts will cost a mininum from $185.00 to $205.00 plust tax depending on the job size
  • Repairs with Parts will depend on parts and labor
  • Note: Due to COVID-19 we no longer accept checks or cash. We only take credit cards over the phone to reserve appointments
  • Important: We are not responsible for copper/water lines or pulling out Appliances (Washers, Refrigirators, etc.)

We Service the following brands and many others